23 thoughts on “Завещание. Мой перевод

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    dit :Ah…. Non, là, je peux pas dire grand chose, vu que, petit a, je n’ai pas d’enfants, petit b, je ‘nai pas de copain, petit c, je n’arrive pas à me coucher avant minuit et demi minimum.Donc, tant pis.Mais bonne soirée de “retrouvailles”!(4h38, le p’tit dej?! Pire que mon frere, ça!)

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    Interesting!  At Wednesday's Artist Enrichment Workshop, one of the things I heard loud & clear was that we had permission to 'not be perfect'.  Boy that fear of being perfect or following all the rules can really stop me in my tracks before I even get started.  How can I ever learn something if I'm afraid to make mistakes or not follow all the rules…….

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