34 thoughts on “Догоним и перегоним!

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    This IS great, I believe YouTube has the potential to be an educational tool that competes with the internet itself….but you can't be a part of YouTube EDU unless you represent a university?I'm a researcher at a university, and I have a YT channel discussing different topics in the neurosciences, but I don't represent a University myself.This YT summer school is exactly what I've been waiting for. Is there any way I can become part of this??-SupeAkihabara

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    The Blow is definitely among the bands that I've been getting into lately. Suggestion wise, I think you'd like Now, Now Every Children, Band of Horses, The Hidden Cameras, The National, Jenny Owen Youngs, Lemuria, Coconut Records, Camera Obscura…to name a few haha.

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