46 thoughts on “Размышления о Победе

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    I am so very proud of you as you have accomplished so much so quickly without complaint and blossomed in the task…what a great example for your children and others. Welcome to nursing and know you can make the world a better place for one person at a time…what you do will make a difference and our Lord will guide you in everything. Love and God bless you and the entire family…Lois

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    I think that the Aussies should just renounce ownership of the Island as Australian territory.2 problems; 1, the inhabitants that are native to Christmas Island never asked for this centre and don't deserve it. 2, left to themselves they would simply get a new boat and motor over to the Australian mainland. 2 solutions; 1, Australia, and other such countries, remove their name from refugee contracts and then they are free to select those who really need help that can't get here by paying $10000 to a smuggler. 2, Islam be declared a political movement not a religion.

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